All of my novels are legal mysteries. They are "stand alones," meaning each one features a different cast of characters. Here is a brief description of each one:


ACTS & OMISSIONS is set in Chicago in the early 1990's. Attorney Megan Lansdorf is assigned to represent a group of patients who are suing a major hospital for negligence after their doctor transmits the AIDS virus to them. If Megan handles the case well, she will be eligible for partnership at her firm. She knows she would have a much better shot at winning the case if the hospital weren't represented by the arrogant and aggravting Attorney Frank Parks.
While Megan fights for her clients' rights, the Chicago Police Department is on the trail of a serial killer. As the trial date in Megan's case nears, she learns that many of the killer's victims bear an uncanny resemblance to her. Could Megan be the next victim?
The [Madison, Wisconsin] Capitol Times said ACTS & OMISSIONS "is a murder mystery that will keep you in suspense...."
WITH INTENT TO KILL is set in southeastern Wisconsin in the 1990's. The picturesque town of Oakwood is rocked by the brutal slaying of the four year son of the town's most prominent resident. Assistant District Attorney Liz Stanfeld and Sheriff's Detective Jeff Gardner join forces to bring the killer to justice.
Mystery News said the novel "is an admirable portrayal of the moral decisions that many of us may someday have to face. Alatogether a satisfying read, and will leave you wanting more chapters."
Painted Rock Review said WITH INTENT TO KILL "is an exciting legal thriller.... The invigorating story line provides a well written fictional account of something that could have easily been a true crime, especially the exhilarative trial sequence. The characters are all top rate,..."
ABSENT WITNESS is set in Chicago in the 1990's. When Katherine Buckley, a young woman who has been in a comatose state at a private mental hospital is found to be three months pregnant, her family hires Attorney Carrie Nelson to sue the hospital and find out who assaulted Katherine.
Painted Rock Review said "The appeal of ABSENT WITNESS remains with the fantastic mystery filled with misdirection that will thoroughly entertain readers even as they think about the social issues of modern medicine."
FINAL JUSTICE is set in Wisconsin. Attorney Ann Monroe agrees to represent the young victim of a hate crime after his assailants are acquitted in a criminal trial. Meanwhile, an extremist fundamentalist group known as the Lambs of God has begun targeting Ann and making threats against her as payback for her interference in its protests at a local Planned Parenthood clinic. As the threats turn into attempts on Ann's life, she begins to realize that there may be a connection between her two cases.
Publishers Weekly said, "Breakneck pacing and an attention to procedural detail" distinguish this novel, "a legal thriller centered around two controversial ilssues -- gay rights and abortion.... The novel's frenzied pace and constant action help keep the tension high...."
Mystery News said FINAL JUSTICE is "excellent ... won't want to put it down."
Midwest Book Review called it "extremely exciting."
BLIND TRUST is set in Chicago. After her small kansas City law firm merged with a Chicago megafirm, Attorney Emma Davis is offered a plum assignment from one of the firm's senior partners and sees herself on the fast track to partnership. All she has to do is transfer the assets of a recently deceased multimillionaire to the charitable trust set up in his will. It seems like a simple process until Emma is accosted by a client with mob connections and evidence turns up suggesting the deceased client was murdered. As Emma digs deeper into the firm's dealings, she follows a trail of deception that leads her to the top of the corporate ladder, where death is just a means to an end. 
SOME LIKE 'EM DEAD is set in San Diego. Chicago tax attorney Traci Curtis is invited to speak at a convention and winds up a suspect in a murder when a local attorney is found dead in her room an hour after Traci had rebuffed his advances. Detective Matt Jensen hates lawyers and would be happy to see Traci convicted of the crime but as the investigation continues Matt discovers that lots of people had a motive to kill the guy and he is forced to admit that Traci probably isn't the culprit. Matt eventually enlists Traci's help to search the dead man's business records for clues. Will they find the killer or will Traci be the next victim?
Although my earlier books are out of print, all are now available in ebook format.

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